November 2019
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Daniel M. McHenry is a professional NYC based character actor who specializes in quirky, unique, serio-comic character roles. Has played men, women, leprechauns and children in comedies, dramas, musicals, commercials and shakespeare. Has booked ten commercials and one industrial in the last 4 years.  His niche range of roles have been;  homeless alcoholic, flamboyant gay man, leprechaun, tragic-comical dimwit with a good heart, mysterious stranger and the eccentric e.g. Mr Paravicini, Dr. Caius, Malvolio etc. Rather than the usual Dad or Doctor or businessman. 

Mission Statement

I take a professional approach to my craft and ethic. When hired I consider it my responsibility to be 100% prepared at all times. It is my job to find and convey the truth about the given character in the given moment I am hired to portray. When doing film or commercial work I aim for one take. Sometimes it takes two. If it takes three I haven’t done my job. In pride myself in the fact that any producer, director, stage manager I’ve worked with will attest to my being prepared, efficient and easy to work with. Nailing the unique, eccentric character is what I live for. 

Personal Backstory

Was born in Olean N.Y. on the Southern Tier in western New York state. Moved D.C. area as  a youth. Discovered my talent later in life when I took an acting class at the Little Theatre of Alexandria (Va). Then was cast in several shows in succession. Always with surprising success and accolades. Following the success and wanting to see how much bigger it can get I followed the dream to NYC in ’99. The success continued through the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and many NYC productions. The feedback was always the same “Keep Going Dan” you got something unique. Today am grateful for the life and successes I have had. The Good News it ain’t over yet. Was recently in a play and discovered something. Suddenly I was the old guy the veteran the person others came to for input. Was a good feeling. So as I long as the path keeps getting wider and the horizons keep getting brighter I’ll keep following this path.